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Booking Online
If you would like to book an appointment online you can use our online booking button below. 

To book colouring or highlighting please ensure you book a cut and blow dry or a blow dry finish SEPERATELY 45 minutes AFTER the colouring or highlighting service is complete.

Example:  You have booked a full head of highlights at 1.00pm - This service takes 1hr  which means the stylist will finish putting in the foils by 2pm. We allow at least 45 minute processing time which takes you to 2.45pm - this will be the time you are ready to have your colour washed off and for the stylist to complete your cut and blow dry!

Summary of your booking:  
Service- Full head foils 1.00pm - 2pm
Allow 45 minutes to process colour
Service: Cut & blow dry 2.45pm

You are welcome to book a 15 minute free consultation!

If you're unsure - please call us and ask: we are here to help. Tel 01904 700805 or use the contact form to email us on our website on the 'Contact Us' page 
Cutting & Finishing

Ladies Cut & Finish                                     £38 - £42

Blow Dry                                                      £20 - £22

Blow Dry & Curling                                     £25

Gents Cut & Finish                                      £22

Hair Up                                                         £35


Deep Conditioning                                       £6

Luxury Foil Treatment                                  £18.50

Revlon 4-Step Conditioning Experience     £22

Bond Maintainer                                           £10

Technical & Colouring - All include a Cut & Finish
For blowdry only, without cut, please deduct £20 from prices shown
Colours: A skin test will be required 24 to 48 hours before your first colour application

Roots Regrowth                                        £67

Full Head Tint                                            £76

Semi-Permanent                                       £69

Full Head Foils                                           £84

Half Head Foils                                          £76

Few Foils & Roots                                      £77                    

Half Head Foils & Roots                            £81

Full Foils & Roots                                       £89

Gents Colour - Prices From                      £15

Permanent Wave

Perming                                                      £78
POP with colour!

A powerful little 3 in 1 cocktail: instant colour with a nourishing treatment for colour-treated hair.

It shine, revitalizes, accentuates, invigorates and repairs.
A small bit goes a long way for maximum effect - amazing results in under 3 minutes